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New health services announced

Australian families will have access to a whole range of new health services – including a $150 voucher for teen dental care, a free health check for kids about to start school and a guide to kids’ health and development for parents under a new initiative announced by the Federal Government.

New health services include:

  • $150 for preventative dental checks for teenagers under Medicare;
  • Free Healthy Kids Check for kids about to start school;
  • Get Set 4 Life guide – to help kids develop healthy habits for life;
  • New Medicare items to help people at high risk of diabetes;
  • New medicines on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme) for people with chronic kidney disease; and
  • New medicines on the PBS for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

These new initiatives are designed to keep people well and out of hospital. With over half a million Australians ending up in hospital every year for conditions that could have been prevented – 50,000 of them for avoidable dental conditions – more needs to be done on prevention.

These new initiatives aim to keep our kids well, and allow for early intervention where it is needed.

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