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Announcement from Vibe Australia

Funds for the Vibe Project will be directed to the Australian Government’s programs that deliver front line services from 1 July 2014. We are currently in a transition arrangement.

Everyone at Vibe is extremely proud and humbled by the work we do on behalf of the community and of the support we receive from community, and the wider Australian public.

The Vibe Project includes:

• Deadly Vibe magazine
• The Deadlys
• Vibe 3on3
• InVibe magazine
• Deadly Sounds radio
• Move It Mob Style TV
• (also as a value added activity, Deadly Vibe on Facebook and Twitter sites and the weekly e-publication Deadly Vibe Wire).

As of 30 June 2014 all these activities are concluded.

The annual Deadly Awards® were due to be held at the Sydney Opera House on 30 September 2014. The Deadlys will not be held this year, in 2014.

Everyone at Vibe stands by our work, across our events and communications activities, and are confident in our ability to improve the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australia through our holistic approach in primary health, mental health and social and emotional wellbeing and across education, employment and community empowerment.

We have always had in our hearts a goal of strengthening the connection to culture and community. Through all our work, we are proud to bring you the excellence and achievement, to create unity and rightful pride in identity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, particularly for our young people.

We are proud of all we have achieved with our radio program, Deadly Sounds, Deadly Vibe magazine, InVibe magazine, Move It Mob Style®, our Vibe 3on3® events and of course, The Deadlys®.

Move It Mob Style® Series 4 has been completed, and has commenced on NITV and will air on ABC3 shortly.

We would I like to thank everybody who has been a part of Vibe over our 20 year journey.

We would also like to thank the Australian Government, and the many officers and political people along the journey, for having the insight and vision to support Vibe for so many years.

Since the early 1990s, we hope we have contributed greatly to empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people all ages, particularly the young, to be their best with regard to education, employment, health and wellbeing, by providing clear and coherent information and showcasing positive role models, advancing the individual, the family, and the community.




  1. Yvette aka Bowie

    Its sad that something that’s been a huge ongoing event for our surrounding communities will not be continued.
    Its something my family always look forward to watching.

  2. Erin McLeod

    What a tragedy that a community based organisation that celebrates Aboriginal people enjoying success can be defunded – talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water. Extremely saddened by this news

  3. Leah Nixon

    I am so saddened and totally discussed in the current govnt… This organisation gives hope and pride to all aboriginal and Torres Strait island communities. The vibe shows us not only how to be proud as a community, but how to love, respect and admire role models and elders!!! I am of aboriginal descent, but was raised by my English mother… I saw the deadlys awards as a way to be a part of and show my children of aboriginal descent, the pride and hope of being an aboriginal person!!! To take this away from the future aboriginal and Torres Strait islander children and community is a disgrace and reinforces what we are all fighting for and standing against the govnt for. This is a huge backwards step in the fight for reconciliation!!!!

  4. Kyle

    I hope you guys can find a way to carry on you do important work inspiring our community when there is so much negativity towards us here you are to pick us back up again with positive reinforcement, we look forward so much to Deadly Vibe, the Deadlys and seeing our Mov doing great things and I know the kids love the 3on3 so much, so please find a way so you can honor a visionary and carry on with his work

  5. Sally Fitzpatrick

    I just cannot understand government’s reasoning here. Empowerment involves individuals, families and communities, and the societies and structures within which we live. The work of Vibe had been like headlights on a night road. Shining the way in the chaos of colonised Australia. It has given us a glimpse of where we want to go, to be, as a nation of nations. And now …

  6. Trin

    Devastated for you guys, and at the huge loss to our communities with the axing of funding for the Vibe project and the shattering passing of Gavin Jones.

  7. Michael

    Very sad that this is being cut. I hope the organisation can find ways to continue the good work.

    But hey, if you are a new mum earning $100,000+ a year, be thankful the government found the money to pay you to stay home. Just thank the lord that we have adults in charge who know where best to spend our money,

  8. Duncan Sinclair

    Thank you for all your hard work, I hope you can find other means of support to continue some of the great stuff you do. I have enjoyed and benefited from your efforts, and particularly looked forward to reading Deadly Vibe Wire whenever it came out. All the best-

  9. Jackie

    R.I.P Gavin Jones it’s a sad day, but please it the show go on.

  10. Colleen Hayward

    Although I am not Aboriginal I have been associated with many of these programes over the years as my role as principal and have been directly associated with the positive effects these programes have had.What more frontline can there be than education! This is discusting!

  11. Cath

    I’m really sorry to hear about this cut to a valuable cultural organisation. The deadly awards were a calendar highlight which shone a great spotlight on a vibrant indigenous culture and creative talent. Very short sighted decision by this government.

  12. Candy Says

    The Deadlys are an institition and Vibe is a public service. It may be changing and experiencing a pause, but don’t you go anywhere. Don’t stop. You’ll be back!!

  13. Charlie Trindall

    The end of an great era! A sad week indeed!

  14. Pauline Bliim

    Wow I cannot believe this devastating news. All the great work, communication, education will be gone. So sad that our communities will be at a loss and deprived of great things. Surely this decision will be short lived and you will be back real soon. Thank you for your wonderful hard work over the years and I know into the future. Pauline

  15. Anne Fitzgerald

    Your extraordinary grace in the face of this insult it awe-inspiring. This government will not last long. Thank you for your wonderful work. Patience. And good luck to the workers on the interim while we fix this mess.

  16. Judith

    So sad as an Aboriginal educator I am so devastated. I always look forward and enjoying the Deadly Vibe magazine such a great resource for teaching and learning and feel so proud that a we have a positive magazine that our kids can read about great role models and positive messages

  17. Judith

    RIP to a great champion for Our children and young people Condolences to family and work mates x

  18. Leigh Bowden

    As a non Aboriginal Australian I have celebrated all things deadly with you and though you and your programs. I believe that there will be some way in which you will be able to carry on. These terrible times will surely end and all will be well again. Thank you and more power to you.

  19. Elyssa Hamad Mkali

    Very sad to hear this… Celebrating culture, promoting excellence, being an inspiration, IS a frontline service. Hopefully the spirit of the Vibe will live on, and the Deadlys will be back, for sure!

  20. Liz Temple

    Condolences to everyone impacted by this huge loss. Please know that the thoughts of so many Australians are with you at this sad time. While what is happening at this point is devastating as a community I hope we can unite and ensure the great work you have done over the last 20 years can continue – it has been and will continue to be important and appreciated.

  21. Barbara O'Neill

    I am so sorry at the loss of your founder and this dreadful blow to your organisation
    You have been a brilliant light in a sometimes dark and negative media and political landscape
    If you need volunteers count me in
    This is devastating

  22. Craig Small

    From the Deadly design team our condolences to everyone effected. A great loss to all Australians.
    RIP to a true entrepreneur.

  23. CAAMA Music

    You all do amazing work. Please don’t give up. The Aboriginal arts and culture scene needs you!

  24. michelle parker

    vibe 3 on 3 is a frontline service!!! we have seen great events and community engagement over and over in the NT for your events! All other programs of vibe show the importance of honouring the first people of this nation. thank you for all of the wonderful work you’ve done and don’t give up vibe crew, your work is vital!

  25. Tamara Penniket

    I love Deadly Vibe. Fantastic. Inspiring. I don’t want to see it end. I want it to flourish. Be read, and the inspiring and encouraging stories that are told, go on to influence future generations of Australian people to do amazing things. We have so much to be proud of… I want to hear those stories.

  26. Terry

    Gavin’s passing is a great loss to everyone. Be proud of the work you have all done and will continue to do …
    shame on the government

  27. Karen Middleton

    Gav, you are a giant of culture in this country. Your legacy lives. Deadly Vibe, the Deadlies & all of your associated work should, too.

  28. Dympna

    Is there no way you guys can crowd fund? There must be something you can do. I can see your work is really important and after all you have done you must try at least try!

  29. Stephanie Mutch

    Such a sad day! Your work is deadly and important. Surely you must be able to find more funding in such a wealthy country!

  30. geri vaughan

    dear Vibe – thanks for showing us the power of your work and inspiration and what came out of it – Claude, Denise and all others on Vibe. And of course visionary Gavin. Giants all, who side-stepped the negative and danced with the possible. A collective loss for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal. We’re all diminished by that loss.

  31. Tim Heffernan

    RIP Gavin. May the Deadly’s live on and find a more creative partnership to achieve this.

  32. Alicia Coughlan

    Having worked with Gavin and the Vibe team, I am devastated for your loss. I hope you are able to find the strength to continue his phenomenal legacy. My thoughts are with you all.

  33. Nancy

    Such sad news about Gavin. This government’s funding decisions are deeply depressing. Please don’t despair. Crowdfunding is a great idea. You deserve to carry on.

  34. Anne-Marie Quinn

    I will never forget meeting him at a conference. I told him that I grew up reading Deadly Vibe since I was 14 years old, (still do!) and how it made me proud to be Aboriginal because up until that magazine was produced all you ever heard about in the media was negative stories about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and my son was now growing up reading Deadly Vibe and hearing about all the great things that are happening in communities around Australia that mainstream media rarely mention. He got all teary eyed and said thanks for letting him know, that’s the reason why he does what he does. RIP

  35. paul

    And this happens when our Prime Minister is Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, what the heck is going on?

  36. Kiera

    This is so sad! We must show a stance against this decision. Is there an online petition set up to send to the minister?

  37. Cat Kutay

    The ongoing government policy to cease funding on project without any evidence for the success or not of the project is crippling our society. We need responsible leadership with the ability to listen and learn, before more people die from these gross mistakes.

  38. Mindy

    Perhaps, someone should organise a passive protest about the government’s decision at the Opera House on the day the Deadly’s were to have happened?!

  39. Joseph Lafferty

    My condolences go out to the Jones family. The loss is devastating for the whole country. If I, a suppler at Supply Nation can be of any assists please contact me.

  40. Julieann Brooker

    Vale Gavin Jones, of massive heart and cheeky sense of fun, my studio neighbour in Darlinghurst who I was fortunate to work with contributing design for his GJC and Deadly Vibe projects. A driving force, he recognised achievements and provided visionary inspiration for all, not just Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders. An extraordinary contribution and industry changing track record. RIP.

  41. Gwen Byng

    Any thoughts of maybe continuing with donations…………..very worthy work you do………..would be sad to see it cease altogether………….

  42. Stephanie Armstrong

    It has been a sad loss for all. Gavin was a wonderful inspiration. The work that has been supporting our children for so long needs to continue. The celebration of our strengths and what we have to offer to all, We need to continue to shine the light on all the Deadly work that he has accomplished, hope we can all join together to continue all the hard work, & continue the fight for what is good for all our children’s cultural strength and identity. RIP Gavin.

  43. Mike Justice

    This is absolutely terrible news! It is so very sad that an institution, one of the few that supports black people in this country has been forced to close down. I appreciate the ‘politically correct’ stance that the team has to make, in order to avoid defamation etc. however we are all certain that this is due to government funding cuts that impact so many areas of community life. Particularly that impact the Indigenous. This is a shame of a global scale, one the current government should be embarrassed, disgusted and ashamed of. I wish everybody that has been involved all the best as you look for new jobs, careers & maintain positive work life balances. Keep your heads up, I’m sure we will find new ways to celebrate black Australia. Bless.

  44. Kaye Hall

    I’ve been reeling that you lost your funding, just today caught up with the news that your MD has died. I’m deeply shocked and saddened. I think it would be an absolute tragedy for all Australians if Deadly Vibe does not continue it’s brilliant work.

  45. Denise Bradshaw

    Thank you so much for all you have done through this project. I worked in Goulburn jail in the 90’s and had cassette tapes given to me weekly for the inmates of the radio broadcast recordings and also the magazine. Such valuable health education tools. Still a fan as I work at a AMS now and receive the magazine by email.

  46. Moira Burgess

    Why not ask for donations? I am sure many would like to support your great work.

  47. Cazza

    I am so saddened and disappointed to hear that Deadly Vibe has had their funding cut. Your productions are such a positive celebration of indigenous culture, on a highly accessible level for all to enjoy, both indigenous and non-indigenous. I think the government are being unbelievably short sighted in making this re-alication of funding. Thank you for your enormous contribution, and I sincerely hope you find a way through these tough times and may the Deadlys live on!

  48. Karen Harbus

    Shame on you, Tiny (whoops! Freudian…) Abbott! Where there is a will there is a way. As a non-indigenous Australian I will do all I can to make sure The Deadlies & Vibe do in fact continue! If we all stick together it can be done !

  49. Bianca Hunt

    VIBE is frontline.
    I have been reading vibe for 11yrs, VIBE reaches out to the communites and Promotes such important isssues such as health and wellbeing, education, community involvement, fitness, team work, sportmanship, pride and gives credit and praise to many people.
    The programs that VIBE set up are beneficial to the children, families and embraced by the communities. That is frontline.

  50. stephan rainow

    condolences to all. re the Vibe… well then reckon silly nation eh!!

  51. Kerrie Eather

    What can we do as a community to help you continue your great work.??

  52. Charline

    I am so truely saddened by the lost of a great activist who have made a huge contribution to all Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal students and teachers with the Vibe magazines. We have many teachers who love this wonderful educational resource, that is used in so many ways for all our kids!! plus the highlighting of our wonderful culture and acheivement!! Thank you, Gavin for your inspirations and innovations !!
    A disappointment to hear that Deadly Vibe has had their funding cut and a lost to all our kids on a great educational resourse. The government is again putting pressure and hardship on all our kids, on the lost of Deadly Vibe and the other programs. How do we now share our culture with the wider community. I don’t know if people remember the school magazines, what a great educational resourse and that is what Vibe have been for all our Mob and wider community. Thank you all for your courage and enormous contribution, and I sincerely hope that the government will see sense and reinstate the funding for this great educational resource for all kids.

  53. Angela

    As an Aboriginal Educator for the Graduate Diploma in Primary and Secondary Education I have always promoted Vibe to my students as a way of showcasing the talents and positive role models that exist in our communities. Vibe will be sadly missed!!!

  54. Jim

    In the words of the great Joe Hill: Don’t mourn. Organise!

    Start a crowd funding campaign to raise all (or some of the money) you need to keep one, or more of your most important projects alive. There are thousands of people all over Australia, and indeed the world, who would be willing to donate to a well conceived fundraising campaign. I include myself among them. Sponsors still want to be associated with successful ideas and projects. Tap funding and support from those. You don’t have to take the loss of funding from the Coalition of Infidels lying down.

    Get up. Stand up. Stand up for your rights!

  55. Cheryll Koop

    deadlyVibe magazine is a frontline service. There is nothing more important to our collective future than improving literacy and numeracy proficiency. This is exactly what deadlyVibe is all about: providing relevant, engaging and inspiring reports about real people that challenge us all to achieve our best. Count me in when the next phase begins.

  56. Stef

    I am saddened by this in my opinion short-sighted decision by the Australian government. I hope they bear in mind that the best people to decide how Aboriginal services and Aboriginal people can best be supported are always Aboriginal people not anyone else (however well meaning they claim to be). I am “white” but I have benefited and learned from deadly vibe and especially the music awards. My children and the students I teach have benefited from you educating me. I hope you can carry on despite the foolishness of the current government. xo

  57. Anne Wiggan

    condolences; I’m saddened by your double loss- a great man and losing funding. How can I Help ?

  58. Anthony k

    I’m saddened to hear funding has been cut as I think you guys are awesome!! That being said I also know that with awesomeness comes a sense of resilience and my hope is that you guys are able to find a way to continue on more deadly than ever!