Some people go through life making themselves and others miserable by being angry and frustrated. These people may need to challenge their anger to find out if other feelings such as hurt, rejection, sadness or loneliness may be being covered up by their anger, and try to face those feelings.

  • Strengthen yourself by developing your feelings of security and self worth.
  • Drop some of your competitive feelings so that you are not constantly going forth to do battle with other people in play or at work.
  • Figure out why you are reacting so strongly to this particular situation. Is it because you are particularly sensitive to criticism? Or are there certain types of people that annoy you? One tactic is to try to avoid situations or people who make you angry. Another is to see if you can change the way you perceive the situation.
  • Some anger is caused by frustration. Take a look at the situation and see if you can figure out what is frustrating you, then do something about that.
  • Some anger can be constructive (if used carefully). John McEnroe, for example has to get angry and behave as he does in order to go in for the kill on the court.
  • Yelling just escalates the hostility and anger rather than clearing the air. It is better in some situations either to assert yourself and deal with the underlying difficulties or drop and simply walk away from the situation.


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