A positive Attitude

Looking for a job requires a positive attitude. A positive attitude leads to positive planning.

A positive attitude means:

  • Determining the kind of work you want and are qualified to do before you start.
  • Planning your job search systematically.
  • Collecting and collating all the information about yourself and ensuring that it is seen by prospective employers.
  • Spending as many hours each day searching for work as you expect to spend working for your employer.
  • Being prepared, if necessary, to change your lifestyle in searching for a job.

The following examples illustrate the ways in which job seekers have demonstrated a positive attitude to employers at interview – Good personal presentation, appropriately dressed and well-prepared for interview.

  • Brought along the job application, a list of referees, questions to ask and examples of significant projects completed.
  • Knowledge of the organisation.
  • Had researched the company well and knew about the services offered and major policies.
  • Interest in the industry
  • Knew about the current state of the industry and was able to explain why he or she was interested in working in it.
  • Career direction.
  • Understood the company’s needs and structure and was able to satisfactorily project himself or herself into the organisation.


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