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Training boost for nursing students

The TAFE NSW New England Institute located in Tamworth, New South Wales, is using new online technology to help fast-track the education and improve employment opportunities of Aboriginal students who want to work in their local communities.

The Tamworth region is currently experiencing a skills shortage of enrolled nurses and the E-Skills for Enrolled Nurses project, delivered at the Gunnedah Campus, is allowing students to undertake their Diploma in Nursing qualification over an 18-month period of training.

Workers in the health industry need to be able to use health care technology to properly collect and report data in the workplace – and that’s where the new online learning strategy comes in handy.

Where previously students studied this component by face-to-face learning, now they are able to use the central TAFE libraries to collect data and learn the related theory on a weekly basis. They can also review the theoretical knowledge and gain access to online web recordings, wiki and blog sites to assist with examination preparation.

“Students receive additional support as a class group, building rapport between class members and as they gain confidence with this technology they can access it from their home computers, maximising the breadth of resources available to them,” says project office Ellen Scanlon.

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