Make fitness your friend

With the interchange of seasons some of us may have toned down the exercise, others however may be tuning it up with summer just round the corner. Either way it’s important to stay healthy, on and off sporting season.

With fitness occupying a big place in how effectively we play sport, it’s getting more and more important to maintain a healthy lifestyle off the field. So just what constitutes being unfit?

Unfitness is evident when prolonged inactivity occurs, this means too much time spent indoors without moving is going to affect your fitness level both physically and mentally, which leads to a lowered effectiveness at sport as well as in your overall sense of wellbeing.

In 2011 the International Olympic Committee (IOC) released a report on the health and fitness of young people globally. It found that around 60 to 70 percent of young people don’t satisfy the fitness requirements of a healthy lifestyle.

The (IOC) suggests while the topic of fitness is well known, not many young people know effective ways of getting fit, or don’t take the health issue seriously.

Exercising regularly not only impacts on physical capabilities, but positively affects possible mental health issues like self-esteem, confidence, social skills and happiness as well.

Fitness applies to every individual, meaning you’re definitely not the only one with possible problems concerning fitness. If you’re struggling with maintaining your health you can ask others for advice as many people are struggling with the same problem.

Having fun while exercising is the key to effectively maintaining a good fitness level, as it is important to want to exercise, and not to feel like it’s a chore. Being creative and inventing competitions or goals with your friends is a great way to get fit!

And you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be fit!

There are many exercises that can be accessed freely and whenever you want. Like running, push ups, chin ups and walking. There are various ways to include exercise into your daily life, for example why not walk to school every Monday and ride to school on Tuesdays.

There are many ways to get fit, but maintaining a good diet is on the road to fitness. This may mean toning down the junk food; but remember the hard work will be worth it.


The 5 Healthy Food Groups
• fruit
• vegetables, legumes
• lean meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, legumes
• bread, cereals, rice, pasta, noodles
• Milk, yoghurt, cheese.

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