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The Kambu Medical Centre is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Medical Service that has provided holistic health care services to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Ipswich and surrounding areas for the past 32 years.

Kambu was founded by eight local residents as a direct response to the growing health needs of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. They now employ 35 staff who provide a vast range of health care services.

Their vision is to “provide accessible, culturally appropriate health services that are guided by community governance, ownership and identity”.

This vision fulfilled by adhering to their core values– excellence, accountability, client focus, empowerment, teamwork, respect, honesty and confidentiality.

The Kambu Medical Centre is located in Roderick Street, Ipswich, Queensland and provides an array of services, all aimed at meeting the community’s health needs:

• Clinical Branch – This acts as the first point of contacts for clients who visit the service. Patients will be thoroughly assessed and the appropriate referrals will be made.
• Maternal and Child Health – This service provides rounded healthcare and support to mothers and babies as well as antenatal care, postnatal care, immunisations and full women’s health checks.
• Community Care Branch – This is an advocacy service that includes a vast range of programs such as chronic disease management, hearing programs and nutritional education.
• Specialist Services – Specialists regularly work from Kambu including physiotherapists, Oncologists, Audiologists, Ophthalmologists and Podiatrists.

Regular workshops are also held locally for issues including stress management, smoking cessation, men’s health, and women’s health, and life skills.

One of Kambu’s standout programs is the Diabetic Educator Program. It provides education to the community members on all aspects of the disease including prevention and management.

For more information on the Kambu Medical Centre visit their website.

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