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Interview Techniques


The interview gives you and the employer the opportunity to discuss your interest in, and ability to, undertake the job.

For you:

  • An opportunity to convince the employer of your potential as an employee.
  • An opportunity to find out more about the job you want and about the employer and his or her company.

For the employer:

  • A means of assessing your abilities.
  • An opportunity to discuss your training, experience, knowledge and abilities.
  • An opportunity to assess your behaviour and to determine your suitability for the job that is available.
  • An opportunity to amplify the information in your application form or resume.

Employers are usually interested in the following (depending on the job you are seeking):

  • Your personal presentation.
  • Your career plans.
  • Your ability to communicate.
  • Evidence that you prepared for the interview.
  • An indication that you have set objectives for yourself.
  • Your degree of maturity and your desire to take on responsibility.
  • Your ability to solve problems.
  • Your ability to think logically.


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