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Time to get moving

Often times, to get the job or career you want takes training that you just can’t find close to home. Whether it’s moving to another town or city to begin uni, or relocating to start TAFE or some other training course – at some point in our lives most of us will face the tough decision of leaving the comfort of family and friends to acquire the skills we need.

It doesn’t mean you need to leave your community for good, but it’s important to at least make sure you get the skills and training you need, even if you do need to leave home to get them. That way, down the track you can bring those skills back to the community, make a positive impact with them and inspire others to do the same.

So that’s where the Indigenous Youth Mobility Program (IYMP) comes in. The IYMP supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth aged 16 to 24 to move away from home to gain the skills they need to get a job in their community or elsewhere.

The Program provides helps with accommodation, education and training, and focuses on assisting participants to obtain Certificate III qualifications and above. Participants can choose to move to one of the 16 host locations across the country to undertake further education, training and/or employment.

Earlier this year, several excited young people moved to Canberra to participate in the IYMP. They came from as far afield as Mt Isa and Dajarra to undertake a range of studies including cultural arts, business and administration, hairdressing, and community studies.

The participants in Canberra are supported by AUSWIDE, one of the six IYMP providers delivering services at the 16 sites around Australia.

Julie Nagle, AUSWIDE Community Services Manager, welcomed the latest students to Canberra saying, “your success is supported by all of these people who are here to help. It really helps you not to feel homesick when you have other young people around while you settle in.”

One of the most important parts of the IYMP Program is the support received from other young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students who are also participating in the Program and living away from home.

Nora Brookdale, an IYMP participant who is currently studying hairdressing at TAFE, showed several of the participants around the Canberra housing facilities including new participant Daniel Dempsey-Richards.

Daniel, who is studying Cultural Arts, commented that he liked the IYMP Program and the opportunities it was opening for him while learning to be independent.

AUSWIDE supports participants in group housing and has both male and female residences as well as independent living available for participants to take part in the Program. Due to the Program’s increasing popularity, this year they have recently opened a new girl’s residence in Canberra.

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