Sensible Drinking

It’s all very well to talk about sensible drinking, what does it mean when someone talks about a standard drink? It’s confusing because a standard drink can come in all shapes and sizes, but all standard drinks contain about 10 grams of alcohol.
The drinks are different sizes because some are stronger than others. But here’s an easy way to remember what a standard drink is. If you like to drink mid-strength beer, then one schooner or pint equals a standard drink.
A schooner or pint of full-strength beer is 1.5 standard drinks, while a middie or a pot of full-strength beer is considered one standard drink.
If you’re on the lights, then a schooner or pint is considered 0.8 standard drinks. A middy or pot of light beer is 0.5 standard drinks.
A 100ml glass of wine, a 60ml glass of port or sherry, and one nip of spirits are all considered one standard drink. Remember with wine, though, that the average restaurant serve of wine equals 1.8 standard drinks.
The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) says that for women, an average of two standard drinks a day poses a low health risk. On any one day, women should have no more than four standard drinks.
Men should have no more than four standard drinks a day to minimise health risks. On any one day, men should have no more than six standard drinks.

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