Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is when someone drinks a lot of alcohol over a couple of hours, or even non-stop over days or weeks. It’s a dangerous thing to do, because it can make the side-effects from alcohol even worse.

Drinking alcohol damages your heart, brain, liver, muscles, pancreas, lungs, genitals (in guys), intestines, blood and nervous system.

Drinking a lot can also stop you from thinking clearly and acting sensibly, which could mean that you could place yourself, your friends, relatives or even total strangers in danger.

If you are old enough to drink, here are some ways in which you can drink alcohol sensibly:

  • Try to eat before drinking and while you’re drinking
  • Make every second drink a water or a soft drink
  • If you drink spirits, dilute them
  • Make every few beers a low-alcohol beer
  • Drink slowly – take sips instead of skolling
  • Learn to refuse drinks when you know you’ve had enough – don’t let your mates influence you

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