Culture central to rehabilitation

GumbiGumbi Gumbi Drug and Alcohol Awareness Rehabilitation Centre is an Aboriginal, not-for-profit, non-government organisation at the pinnacle of rehabilitation for substance abuse among our mob in Rockhampton, QLD.

For over 20 years, Gumbi Gumbi has provided culturally appropriate programs based on motivational therapy, AA and holistic care to get our mob off drugs, alcohol and tobacco to regain and maintain healthy lifestyles.

The centre maintains the highest quality of treatment to the Murri’s of Queensland, all the while maintaining an emphasis of culturally appropriate care. Gumbi employs friendly, qualified staff all trained in providing such care.

Services Gumbi provides includes AA meetings, group counselling, referrals, budgeting, transport to health services and personal development to name a few.

“It’s important that we try to cover as many aspects of cultural needs because of the historical effects of alcohol and drugs on Indigenous people, as well as look at the current socioeconomic status not just around Rockhampton but at a national level,” says Manager, Mark Warcon.

“We’re lucky that we have a centre like Gumbi in Rockhampton, but then we have to think of those living in remote communities that don’t have immediate access to drug and alcohol support and their only alternative is to go to a mainstream service and walking in you don’t see that Murri face delivering that education or support.

“You don’t see too many Indigenous people in mainstream organisations dealing with Indigenous people who are aware of kinships, cultural needs and language and we’re able to breakdown those barriers and encourage people to be more proactive in changing their lives.”

The organisation employs a number of educational sessions like culture, living skills, men’s and women’s groups and field trips, all designed to address the underlying issues associated with substance abuse.

“We’ve designed the program so that clients can undertake a number of different health management plans that identify the causes of drug and alcohol abuse,” he says

“It’s not just focusing on drug and alcohol education but we try and encourage as many different activities as we can to support their needs.

“We’ve found our program to be very successful in terms of providing an outlet or alternative option for our Murri people rather than being sentenced to correction.”

Gumbi Gumbi is located in George St, Rockhampton, Queensland. To find out more about the organisation visit

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