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Mick Stevens

Who’s Who Worker Profile: Mick Stevens

More than taking the heat
There is one job like no other, a job requiring employees to be educators, counsellors, safety advisers, community workers, public speakers and instructors as well as rescuers.

The job is tough ” the job is being a firefighter.

But as diverse as the job is, firie Mick Stevens says he is proud to be a firefighter.

“What I like the most is the sense of worth you get from the job,” says Mick.

“I also get to work with great people and enjoy the challenge of attending emergency incidents.”

In addition, he has found that the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) offers great job security with excellent conditions and good pay.

Based at Capalaba, Mick has been a firefighter for three years.

“Before joining Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, I was an electrician.”

“What struck me at first was that there is so much to learn.”

“In this job you never stop learning so to anyone interested in becoming a firefighter, I’d say be prepared to work hard to keep up with the study.”

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