GBH Gamma Hydroxybutyrate

GBH stands for Gamma hydroxybutyrate – or “grievous bodily harm”. As its nickname implies, this is a highly dangerous drug and should never, ever be used. It is a powerful, rapidly-acting, central nervous system depressant that is sold as a light-coloured powder that dissolves in liquids or in small vials in the form of an odourless, salty-tasting liquid.

GBH will have different effects depending on the dosage and purity of the drug, combined with other variables. Smaller doses can create a euphoric sensation similar to that of alcohol, causing a loss of muscle control and reduced inhibitions. As well as causing the user to feel relaxed, happy and sociable, GBH at this dosage also slows the heart rate and respiration, interfering with blood circulation, motor coordination and balance.

With higher doses of GBH, there is a more pronounced loss of control over muscles and speech. The user can feel dizzy and sleepy and begin to suffer muscle spasms and vomiting. An overdose of GBH leads to a loss of consciousness, temporary coma and death. As we said, this is a very dangerous drug. GBH is particularly lethal when mixed with alcohol, as it slows breathing to a dangerously slow rate.

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