Petrol Sniffing

Petrol sniffing has had a devastating impact in some communities. Apart from the effects it has on young people’s health, it has also led to increased violence, juvenile crime, property damage, poor school performance and family and social disruption.
Sniffing petrol creates health problems because the led found in some petrol accumulates in the body. This can leukemia and other types of cancers. Other effects include irreversible disease of the brain, non-coordination of muscles, seizures, abnormal jerky movements, anorexia – and even Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome.
Sudden Sniffing Death is caused by heart failure, which may happen if a person does strenuous exercise or has a sudden fright straight after sniffing. It is rare, but it could happen to any user. It is usually associated with aerosols, butane gas, petrol and cleaning fluid.
If you come across someone who you suspect has been sniffing, you should encourage them to remain calm. They might also need medical assistance

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