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Evaluate Your Progress – Take A Look At Yourself

Each time you look for jobs in the newspaper or hear friends discussing them, you will be working out your own suitability for that job. Whenever you write a job application (or attend an interview) you will be making an assessment of yourself and your potential.

Your attempts to convince an employer of your value will appear all the more sincere if self-evaluation has been an integral part of all the job search stages.

You will have

  • Compared a particular job with other opportunities open to you.
  • Weighed up your skills, abilities, interests and needs against this job.
  • Investigated and assessed employing organisations.

If you have difficulty thinking about your values, try talking with friends, family, teachers, student counsellors, careers advisers- someone you feel comfortable with.

If you are a student you could try the careers advisor at your school for information on jobs and job prospects.


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