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Doctor Ngarie Brown

Who’s Who Worker Profile: Doctor Ngiare Brown

By the time Ngiare Brown was in primary school she knew she wanted to be a doctor. No one else in Ngiare’s family had ever gone into medicine, but that didn’t stop them from getting right behind her.

“I had a very supportive family and community,” says Ngiare. “They told me I could do whatever I wanted with my life as long as I worked hard and gave it my best. That support helped me do well enough in high school to get into medicine, and now my brother has gone on to do medicine as well.”

According to Dr Ngiare, doing what you want in life and feeling good about yourself are two important ways of ensuring you stay healthy.

“You don’t just need a healthy body, but a healthy mind, a healthy spirit and a healthy community,” she says. “It’s not just about making the right choices in terms of what you eat and not indulging in all the wrong things. It’s also making sure you do your best to reach your potential and develop as a person.”

Dr Ngiare has certainly reached her potential. An accomplished doctor, she has worked in remote communities for World Vision, is a Literacy & Numeracy Ambassador for the Commonwealth Department of Education, Science and Training, and heads up the Aboriginal Indigenous Doctors Association.

Now she’s doing the most important job of all – being a mum! Ngiare says she doesn’t mind whether her five-month-old daughter, Kaimana follows in her footsteps or not. So long as she stays healthy, aims high and achieves whatever she wants to in life, Dr Mum will be happy!


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