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Gurriny Yealamucka Health Service is a community based health organisation that delivers a wide range of health services to the small community of Yarrabah, Queensland.

Their vision is to provide and maintain the health and wellbeing of all people in the community of Yarrabah and surrounding areas by providing a community based community controlled Aboriginal Health Service in a culturally sensitive manner.

A full range of services are offered by Health Workers, General Practitioners and Registered Nurses. These services include holistic and preventative care and education, both in the primary health care facility and in the community.

Their clinic team consists of the following: Practice Manager, Doctor, Locum GPs, Registered Nurses, Generalist Health Worker, Medical Receptionist, Physiotherapist, Diabetes educator, Dietician, Psychologist, Patient Courtesy Transport Officers, Child and Maternal Health Workers, Pharmacy Assistant and Sexual Health Workers.

AMS3They offer the following services at the clinic: Well Child Health Checks, Immunisations, Adult Health Checks, Sexual Health services, Family Planning, pap smears, and pregnancy testing, Antenatal and Postnatal care, ECG – Heart Checks , Lung tests, Hearing tests, Blood tests, Dressings, Home medicine reviews, Patient Transport and Allied Health including Physiotherapy, Diabetes education, Counselling, and Dietetics.

A standout program they offer is the Family Life Promotion program. It provides counselling and referral support for Yarrabah clients who are dealing with anxiety, depression, mental health problems and/or who are risk of suicide/self-harm.

They respond to assist and provide ongoing support to individuals and families in a suicide crisis and also strive to increase awareness and prevention around suicide and social and emotional wellbeing for individuals, families, groups and the wider community.

Clients can be referred by health professionals, the police, or concerned family, friends and community members.

They work closely with the social and emotional health team within Gurriny Yealamucka Health Services, local Priests and Pastors, Yarrabah Police, as well as the Mental Health unit within Yarrabah Health Service and are part of the Cairns Suicide Committee.

There is a Yarrabah Crisis Pathway Plan which helps people to recognise symptoms of suicide, what to do in a crisis situation, and who to contact in emergency cases. A Community Contact List of support people is also available. Life Promotion Officers are on call 24 hours, 7 days a week.

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