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Goondir Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations Health Services is an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service providing primary health care and related health services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities across a huge area (240,000 km sq) from Oakey in south-east Queensland to St George in south-west Queensland.

Goondir Health Services has clinics in Dalby (population 12,000) and St George (population 2400) with an Aboriginal Health Worker also providing services from the Miles Hospital. The health service also covers clients from Jandowae, Surat, Dirranbandi, Thallon, Chinchilla, Tara and their surrounding areas.

Services provided by Goondir include: full medical facilities, ante-natal checks, maternal services and child care vaccinations, diabetes programs, asthma programs, women’s business, men’s business, sexual health promotion, Stolen Generation services, counselling services, and hearing health screening in schools and clinics as well as home visits and transportation services.

The diabetes program includes a full range of diagnosis, treatment and education services for Aboriginal clients. Goondir hold weekly clinics for clients at its Dalby and Oakey facilities, where there are regular checks on body weight, urinalysis, and other checks, together with education on diabetes in relation to diet and exercise and to address issues clients need to self-manage their conditions.

There are also “Feed Me” days where local nutritionists and dieticians provide education as well as a “Let’s Get Physical” program, which is an innovative exercise day that encourages people to adopt more exercise into their daily routine. A “De-stress” day is also regularly held to encourage relaxation exercises together with neck and shoulder massages.

This is a complementary transport service that is available for clients who don’t have their own car or haven’t got family or friends that can transport them to their relevant appointments.

Home visits are also catered for. This service is primarily for the screening of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Elders, and for clients of the organisation who are unable to attend the clinics or need to encourage visiting their GP or relevant specialist.

Sexual Health Services are also provided to educate the community about sexual problems and diseases, safe sex promotion and prevention. Sexual Health Workers provide relevant support and/or treatment associated with sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and Communicable Diseases.

For more information contact the Goondir Health Service on: 07 4662 6199 to arrange an appointment with the receptionists or check out their website at


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