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Desert Stories coming to a screen near you!

Have you seen yourself on screen lately? No? Well, The Stories Project is going to change that!

Five very keen young Indigenous filmmakers hailing from the Pilbara are embarking on a digital media project that will bring the people, places and perspectives of Australia’s Western Desert into focus on your computer screen, on your mobile and to the public.

The Desert Stories Crew will be creating short videos to be broadcast online; the stories will be original, sweet, provoking and rather good-looking.

A mixture of art and journalism, these will not be the kinds of stories you currently find in our newspapers or on our televisions.

The crew is comprised of young people from different remote communities across the Western Desert and will be supported by Martu Media in Newman, WA.

The crew are coming to Sydney to participate in a two-week intensive filmmaking course at CuriousWorks to hone their film craft to take back with them to the desert. CuriousWorks trainers will follow soon after, heading to the Pilbara in August for a two-month stint to keep the mentorship going.

Desert Stories Crew member, Curtis Taylor, is excited about furthering his film making skills and making stories that he wants to tell.

“When people see Martu, they see people with grog – or something they don’t understand… the Stories Project can make people stand back and see all the work and get to know Martu a little bit more and change their thinking,” he said.

The Crew are part of a larger program: The Stories Project, a national online media channel that will regularly deliver beautiful bursts of cinema, built on the streets and sand dunes of Australia, straight to your inbox.

The Stories Project launches with two crews artistically reporting from either side of the continent: Urban Stories from Western Sydney and Desert Stories from the Western Desert, remote Western Australia.

You’ll have unfiltered access to the inside perspective via the internet on your computer and mobile phone.
To stay in touch with the crew and view their first film in July, sign up to the CuriousWorks mailing list at


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