Achieving on & off the sporting field

Kanichi Shioji

This month in Celebrity Health we hit the court with young tennis champ Kanichi Shioji.

Do you have to watch what you eat?

Yeah, I watch what I eat and I try to eat as much healthy food as I can. At school I try to eat lots of fruit and healthy sandwiches to keep me going.

What about things like drugs and alcohol, why stay away from those sorts of things?

My tennis keeps me away from it and also it’s just the way I was brought up. I was brought up not to touch any of that stuff and I think that if you do, you can’t perform at your best.

Do you have any role models?

Yeah, Mum and Dad are my biggest role models.

You have your sights set on making the tennis pro circuit . . . what advice do you have for other young Indigenous people with lofty ambitions?

I’d just say that achieving your goals isn’t impossible, if you do everything right and stay away from drinking and smoking you give yourself a fair chance of getting there.

Tennis is a mentally tough game – how do you stay focused and mentally strong?

As soon as you start to get frustrated or start putting yourself down on court, you just can’t play as good as you want to. I just try to think about what I did wrong, so that I can make a better decision next time – rather than smashing my racquet or anything like that.


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