Achieving on & off the sporting field

Rhys Wesser

This month professional Rugby League player Rhys Wesser tells us about eating for maximum energy and his goals in life

What is the most rewarding thing you get out of staying fit and being healthy?

Being fit and healthy means I’m happy with myself. In return, I can make others happy.

Tell us about your diet . . . do you keep a close eye on what you eat and what do you eat to stay healthy?

With the amount of training I do, I have to make sure I’m getting enough energy in my diet. This means eating the right food to sustain me for long periods. I eat rice, pasta, chicken, bread, fruit and vegetables.

What have you had to sacrifice in order to be an NRL footballer?

It’s hard to manage growing up with your friends when you want to be an NRL footballer. I guess you need to be disciplined to steer away from late-night partying and all sorts of mischief.

How do you stay motivated when you don’t feel like going to training?

I make goals before the year starts and make sure they are embedded into me. Every day I know I’m one step closer to achieving them. Real happiness comes from within.

Why is it important for modern-day footballers to drink in moderation?

Drinking takes away from recovery, so you’re not 100 per cent when you train and more prone to injury. Plus, as role models, we need to lead by example.

Do you have a special health or fitness tip for young people out there?

Set your goals. They can be small goals for a start, maybe eating fruit twice a day or getting fit to run a marathon. Short-term goals steer you in a direction that can positively affect your life.

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