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Benefits of Hosting Vibe Alive

Vibe Alive brings an exciting event to your community that will leave a lasting impact – not only on the health and educational outcomes of your young people, but on the community as a whole.

By bringing people together, Vibe Alive strengthens community bonds, helps create and build relationships between organisations, agencies and community members, and allows reconciliation to flourish at a grassroots level.

There are also plenty of economic benefits for a community that hosts Vibe Alive. These can include:

Local businesses benefit directly from Vibe Alive, because we always ensure that we utilise resources required to produce the festival from the local area. Local businesses such as catering and hospitality, accommodation, couriers and freight, equipment hire and trade will all gain business from both our festival crew and participants.

Through our career expo, Vibe Alive promotes careers pathways that will ultimately provide your community with a more skilled generation of young people. The young people attending Vibe Alive today will will be the labour force who generate future economic activity in your community tomorrow.

Each Vibe Alive event employs local performing and visual artists and activity facilitators to help run the event and inspire, educate and instruct the young participants. All activities available at Vibe Alive are planned in consultation with local organisations and councils. Vibe Alive is also a fantastic way to develop and raise awareness of arts, sport and culture throughout the region.

Vibe Alive brings together a cross-section of government and non-government agencies and organisations from your community and the surrounding region. This is a great way to encourage a greater awareness of services such as health, education and employment services, within your community.

For more information about Vibe Alive, call 1800 623 430, email [email protected]

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