Attending school & completing school

From little things big things grow

Education is the key to a better life, and today going all the way to Year 12 is more essential than ever.

That is why the Working Together for Indigenous Youth initiative (WTIY – pronounced “witty”) has been devised. WTIY is a program that will help Indigenous students to stay on to complete Year 12 or to move into further education or training, or paid employment.

The special thing about WTIY is that local Indigenous communities, schools, local employers, parents and school students form a partnership and work together to help Indigenous young people to make a successful transition from school to independence.

Also, every project is unique as the partners get together to identify local challenges and develop solutions that will work in their particular area.

Just some of the things that are happening as part of the WTIY program are:

  • intensive literacy and numeracy support
  • developing practical workplace skills
  • a sports program to build self-esteem
  • school holiday literacy courses
  • school-based apprenticeships/traineeships
  • an enrichment centre to improve academic results and contribute to the social, emotional and intellectual development of students

    The WTIY funding process has now been completed. However, if you can see how some of the projects could help you, why not talk to your teacher, your parents or someone in your local community?

    Perhaps your own community would like to form a partnership to identify barriers and find solutions to help you and your classmates to get the best education possible and then go on to get good jobs.

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