Aaron Fa’aoso

Tell us about your diet.
I’m always conscious of eating the right foods and trying to stay off the grog. Definitely all the vegiess and all the leans meats, basically I’ve switched to a white meat diet, just chicken and fish.

As an actor, why is it important for you stay in shape?
You have to be holistically healthy in mind, body and spirit. With the physical aspect of acting it’s good to be in shape, but also you need those energy levels. You’re doing odd hours, long hours, sometimes 12, 14 hour days consecutively, so it’s really important to look after yourself. Otherwise you can burn out.

What were the benefits of growing up in the Torres Strait and enjoying an island diet?
As much as it’s really healthy to eat fish and turtle and dugong and other traditional foods, there are also other foods that we’ve grown accustomed to because of white influence. These things like flower, sugar and tea are some of the biggest causes of diabetes.

What are the major health issues in the Torres Strait today?
It’s the chronic diseases like diabetes that are affecting my mob. Another big scare is the pandemic HIV AIDS breakout in Papua New Guinea, because the Torres Strait is a very close to PNG.

What do you do when you’re feeling down?
I think about all the things I’ve been blessed with in terms of the opportunities, and how I’m grateful for my forefathers who fought for our rights that we enjoy today. I also try to spend time around positive people and try to cut negativity out of my life.

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