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Casey Donovan releases new single

Casey Donovan’s new single aims to boost the confidence of everyone out there who’s big, beautiful and sexy.

For a teenage Casey Donovan, the highs of winning Australian Idol were tempered by the public scrutiny of her weight that followed. Six years on, a confident and successful Casey is firing back at the critics with her latest single, ‘Big, Beautiful and Sexy’.

“I’m loving where I’m at right now,” declares Casey, just a few weeks out from the start of her latest tour.

“I’m in a great headspace, I’ve just come off the national tour of The Sapphires and am just about to start my own tour – it’s going to be a good second half of the year.”
Casey’s riding a wave of momentum at the moment, earning rave reviews for her debut acting performance as Cynthia in The Sapphires, and also picking up the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 4th Daegu International Musical Festival Awards.

After treading the boards for the last three months, Casey is excited about her latest single, a track that draws on her own experiences of dealing with negative attitudes about weight and body image.

“I’m just kind of putting it out there, not beating around the bush, and just saying, I’m big beautiful and sexy,” says Casey. “And there are a lot of big, beautiful and sexy women out there, who need some encouragement to get their confidence up and get that boost that they need. I think this song is going to do it, and not just for the big women out there, but also the big men. I think this song is going to help quite a few people, big and small.”

For Casey, suddenly finding herself in the media spotlight as a shy 16 year-old wasn’t always easy, but ultimately, the experience has only made her stronger. Now that she’s come full circle, the timing was perfect to release a song that’s been in her heart and mind for a long time now.

“Everything I sing about in the song has happened to me from personal experience, and I’m sure I’m not the only one,” she says, “and that chorus is pretty powerful. It goes, ‘I am who am, I do what I do, and I’m proud of my life, it’s sad what you do’, kind of just taking it back to all those people who said nasty things about me and said no, simply because I’m a bit different from everyone else.”

Keeping the positive energy flowing, Casey will also embark on her Big, Beautiful and Sexy tour this month, performing her own material, as well as some classic hits from a special selection of iconic female vocalists, including Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Mama Cass and Queen Latifah.

“I’m going to be singing songs from the 1950s to now, from all the big, beautiful and sexy women who’ve come through music and made a stand in their life and played a really big part in my life, so it’s going to be interesting,” she explains.

Casey has also set up an online Facebook support group for the big, beautiful and sexy among us. The group attracted nearly 2000 fans in its first weeks and has so far attracted more than 4000 fans, who support each other, sharing tips and stories.


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