Puberty Blues – a time of change

Young Aboriginal Woman With LockersPuberty is the time in a young person’s life when they go through many physical and emotional changes on their way to adulthood.

Puberty generally starts at around age 10 for girls and 12 for boys, and some of the changes that occur can be sometimes difficult for both the young adult and parents.

When going through puberty, a young person’s sexual and reproductive organs mature and the body produces a cocktail of hormones that trigger this.

The physical changes, and when they occur, can range from person to person and boys and girls experience different changes.

As well as the many physical changes that occur, there are many emotional changes that go along with it.

Coping with a changing body, frustration when you feel different, mood swings caused by a sudden release of hormones, and changes in energy are just some of the mental and emotional changes that can happen.

Puberty is when a young person begins to form their own identity and determine their own standards and ideals, morals and values, and rely less on their parents.

As well as being tough on the young adult experiencing it, it can be tough on parents. Young people may want more independence and may sometimes act in risky behaviour and rebel against parents because they feel they are still treated like a child.

This can often cause conflict but it is important to remember that your parents have gone through it already and know what’s best for you.

Although puberty can be an odd and scary time, it can also be an exciting time as you begin to learn all the joys of adulthood and it is important that good communication is kept between parents and young adults so you know where you’re both up to.

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