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Deadly Dressed 2013


How would you like to win a Deadly?

Well you can!

Deadly Vibe Group will be running the Deadly Dressed competition at this year’s Deadly Awards to be held at the Sydney Opera House on Tuesday 10 September 2013.

It is an opportunity for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people from any community across Australia to represent who they are and where they are from by showcasing their Deadly creation.

So get creative and enter your Deadliest outfit in the 2013 Deadly Dressed Awards competition.

Get your outfit seen on the Red carpet alongside Australia’s biggest Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stars and make your community proud.  So what are you waiting for…

Who can enter the Deadly Dressed competition?

Any Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander male or female aged 18 years or over.

There are two categories:

  • Designer Category –Any designer, dressmaker, tailor and/or design student, who has designed, tailored and made an outfit that represents their Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander heritage. The outfit can be modelled by the entrant or a model (provided by the entrant)
  • Community Category – For anyone who has styled, painted and/or altered an existing outfit to represent themselves, their community and culture. Community entrants must model their own creation.


What does the Deadly Dressed competition involve?

Deadly Dressed this year, will comprise of two awards – the Designer Award and the Community Award.

You get the opportunity to express who you are and where you’re from by wearing or showcasing an outfit that represents you and your Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage.

Your outfit is up to you… You can represent yourself anyway you want from wearing traditional dress, creating a designer gown with authentic Aboriginal designed fabric or other elements of your land or history.

To win, we are looking for the Deadliest outfit in each category that truly does express the individual and the community you are from.  So get creative, start designing now and show Australia your Deadly design!

How do I enter the Deadly Dressed competition?

To enter simply print the Deadly Dressed entry form, fill it out and send it back to Vibe Australia (via email or post) with a photograph of the design by 5pm Monday 26th August 2013.

You must submit with your entry a photograph/s of your design and a description of the outfit and why it represents you and your community.

Successful 2012 Deadly Dressed entrants who will be entering this year’s 2013 Deadly Dressed competition cannot enter the same dress and/or outfit.

The final entrants are then pre-selected and invited to attend the Deadly Dressed catwalk that will take place at 4.30pm on the day of the Deadlys, Tuesday 10th September 2013 in the Sydney Opera House Northern Foyer.

Here, the finalists will be judged on their outfits by a celebrity judging panel.  Entrants will also be interviewed about their outfit and how it represents them and their community.  Hair and makeup artists will be on hand for all beauty needs to ensure you or your model looks Deadly on the red carpet!

All finalists will get the unique opportunity to walk the Deadlys red carpet with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stars from the entertainment industry along with some of our elite sports men and women.

Transport and accommodation to Sydney is unfortunately not provided, however the entrant and model (if provided) will receive a single pass to the Deadly Awards and a ticket to the famous after-party (over 18 only).

The winner of the Deadly Dressed will be announced during the Deadly awards ceremony on stage in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.

Addressing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural and Intellectual Property

It is very important that your costume recognizes the fact that any cultural material on which your costume is developed is authorised by the traditional owners of the material.

If any ICIP (Indigenous cultural and intellectual property) is used in your costume, you will need to do the following:-

  • Identify that ICIP Material to Deadly Vibe Group
  • Grant Deadly Vibe Group the right to use that ICIP Material for the competition and any filming of the competition
  • Obtain authorisation by the traditional owners of the ICIP Material (if not you) to grant to Deadly Vibe Group the right to use the ICIP Material
  • ICIP comprises all objects, sites and knowledge, the nature or use of which has been transmitted or continues to be transmitted from generation to generation, and which is regarded as pertaining to a particular Indigenous group or its territory.

What do you win?

All finalists (and models) in the Deadly Dressed competition will get to walk the Deadlys red carpet, receive one ticket to the Deadly Awards and the famous after party (over 18 only).

The winners of each category will receive a prestigious Deadly Award, alongside other Deadly award winners for 2013.

Closing date to enter!

Deadly Dressed entry forms must be received by 5pm Monday 26th August, 2013.

Deadly Dressed Competition:  PO Box 810 DARLINGHURST NSW 1300 or email [email protected]

For further information please email [email protected] or call 02 9361 0140

Download the application form here!! Deadlys2013-Deadly Dressed Application_Final



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