Help for indigenous carers

Did you know that the incidence of dementia is five times higher in Indigenous communities than the rest of the population? Thankfully, awareness about dementia is growing all the time, with new resources also being developed to assist people caring for those with the illness.

One such resource is a new book developed by the Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS) called Dementia: Things to Do, Activity Ideas for Carers, which has just been launched in Wugularr, southeast of Katherine, and has been designed specifically for care service providers in rural and remote Indigenous communities.

“We all need to have purpose and meaning in our lives. Providing activities for a person with dementia gives them back some meaning, to actually be involved in something gives them that purpose back,” says DBMAS Program Manager Judy Ratajec.

Some of the activities listed in the resource include going back to Country, collecting bush tucker, bush aromatherapy, painting and weaving, storytelling and physical activities. The resource is also accompanied by colour photographs, many of which were taken in Wugularr. Alongside the distribution of the book, DBMAS will conduct training and education on how to provide activities in dementia care.

“We have already done some education in the Kimberley region around the resource. The feedback so far has been fantastic,” Ms Ratajec said.


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