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Yirrkala Shines Through

On the weekend of July 16 and 17, the Vibe 3on3™ made its return to the vibrant and colourful community of Yirrkala in the Northern Territory, once again enjoying a magical weekend of basketball and hip hop fun on the shores of the Arafura Sea.

The stars of the Yirrkala event have always been the children of the community, and while the weekend is about basketball, hip hop and healthy lifestyles, the 3on3 crew learn as much from the children as the children learn from them, by way of cultural enrichment and the sharing of tradition, language and knowledge.

For Tammy Jarrett, a graduate of the NAISDA dance college who runs the girls’ dancing workshop during the event, this was her first trip to Yirrkala and one that she will never forget.

“I thought the kids were beautiful,” said Tammy after the event. “They were very talented and they weren’t shame to join in the activities.

“I was impressed by how the community has kept their young people involved in their culture, and also how they speak their language fluently. Just being around it all was an amazing experience.”

Event producer Gavin Jones was once again overwhelmed with the warm welcome received by the crew, and echoes all of their sentiments when he speaks about the uniqueness of the Yirrkala event.

“Yirrkala is a truly special community,” Gavin said. “It’s a place that all the crew now share a very strong and heartfelt connection with.

“The young people of Yirrkala are one of a kind – so rich in their culture, so talented and so welcoming. Each time we bring the event to Nhulunbuy there is that same magical atmosphere. The location is stunning and for the entire crew, travelling to Yirrkala is a special reward and something that stays with us long after we return home to Sydney.”

Over the course of the weekend, 54 teams participated in the basketball and hip hop activities. The entire weekend was a complete success, but sadly it came to an end all too soon.

When the van carrying the last of the crew pulled out of Yirrkala late on the Sunday, many of the young people who had taken part in the 3on3 stood by the side of the road to wave off the Vibe crew with beaming smiles.

For the Vibe crew, who are all based in Sydney, the trip away to Yirrkala is always a very special journey. Each time they return home deeply touched by the community’s warmth, generosity and beautiful culture and look forward to their next trip back to what has become a second home.

Boys U10
Brendan Baunu
Yama Baunu
Kalkani Pehi
Presenter: Bethan Davies

Girls U10
Angel Girls
Rosie Mununggurr
Maminydjama Maymurru
Louise Mununuggurr
Presenter: Rene Baker

Boys U12
Tyresse Maymuru
Jesiah Munungurru
Shaun Munungurr
Presenter: Yalmay Yunupingu

Girls U12
Whitney Marika
Rhiannon Mununggurritj
Lesley Ganamarra
Troy Marika
Presenter: Djawalpi Marika

Boys U14
All Blacks
Dallas Walker
Jeremy Edwards
Aaron Walker
Presenter: Bo de la Cruz

Girls U14
Alkeira Wallace
Shona Briston
Sarah Berrington
Mel Belk
Presenter: Kyle Vander-Kuyp

Boys U16
NBA Boys
Denis Lansen
Daniel Ngurruthun
Gerard Munungurru
Josh Grimsey
Presenter: Michelle Musselwhite

Girls U16
Kenesha Ganambarr
Kylie Nguwaurruthun
Delma Guyual
Veronica Bindinal
Presenter: Andrea Collins

Boys Open
Galbirri Collins
Booge Ngurruwutthun
Michael Taulane
Presenter: Kyle Vander-Kuyp

Girls U18
Dayna Yunupingu
Terena Munungurru
Jurisha Burarrwada
Gwenda Munugurru
Irene Munungurru
Presenter: Claude Williams

Puggy Hunter Award
Whitney Marika
Presenter: Sharon Munungurr

Girls Open
Dhanbul Oldies
Michelle Musselwhite
Andrea Collins
Banbapuy Whitehead
Baminuniya Marika
Presenter: Vicki Jones

Girls Rap Winner
Veronica Bindinal
Runner Up – Shazam
Lateesha Jeffrey
Carly Bassett
Sophia Detenon
Presenter: Mike Bamford

Boys Rap Competition Winner
Runner Up – G-Unit
Kalkani Pehi
Yama Baunu
Brendan Baunu
Presenter: Wire MC

Traditional Dancing
Presenter: Maria Munungurr

Traditional Dancing
Yoluy Bugggul

Best Team Card
Lateesha Jeffrey
Carly Bassett
Sophia Detenon
Presenter: Gavin Jones

My Story Winner
Jeremy Edwards

Boys Break-off Winners
Brendan Prizeman (1st)
Cedric Marika (2nd)
Dennis Lansen (3rd)
Presenter: Isaac Parsons

Girls Break-off Winners
Basma Gurruwiwi (1st)
Jessica Ngurruwuthun (2nd)
Lateesha Jeffrey (3rd)
Presenter: Tammie Jarrett

Best Dressed
Arona Pehi
Kalkani Pehi
Yama Baunu
Presenter: Gavin Jones

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