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Top End Triumph

Warm sunshine, golden beaches, sparkling blue water and hundreds of smiling faces – why wouldn’t Yirrkala be the Vibe 3on3®’s most anticipated destination?

With a postcard backdrop of a shimmering Arafura Sea, the community of Yirrkala on the north eastern tip of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory is one of the most unique destinations for the Vibe 3on3®

After two successful visits to the vibrant community, the Vibe 3on3 returned on the weekend of August 25 and 26 for another round of hoops, hip hop and health. And, as in all previous visits, the community welcomed the Vibe crew and the event with open arms.

Held at the Yirrkala Sports complex, a massive turnout of people young and old travelled to take part in the weekend’s activities, making their way from surrounding communities such as Nhulunbuy, Ski Beach, East Woody, Yilpara, Gangan, Wandawuy, Biranybirany, Garrthalala and Dhalinybuy.

Since the 3on3’s first visit to Yirrkala, the popularity of and participation in basketball has risen dramatically, and the impressive skills of the community’s youth were on show for all to see.

The event was kicked off with an opening ceremony early on the Saturday morning which featured a performance from the Arafura Dancers and a Welcome to Country from Elder Graham Maymurua.

Over the course of the weekend, around 50 teams participated in the basketball, hip hop, art, writing and health activities, all aimed at encouraging awareness, building self-esteem and fostering community togetherness.

The stars of the Yirrkala event have always been the children of the community, trading their cultural knowledge and warmth for the fun activities and hip hop beats the Vibe crew bring to town.

And while the weekend is about basketball, hip hop and healthy lifestyles, the 3on3 crew learn as much from the children as the children learn from them, by way of cultural enrichment and the sharing of tradition, language and knowledge.

“The Yirrkala 3on3 is the most special of all the locations we visit on the tour,” says 3on3 coordinator Claude Williams. “It was amazing to see so many naturally gifted and energetic kids having a great time. They always have a smile on their face and are a credit to their parents and to the community they represent.

“The people of Gove are like no other – they have a way of touching your hearts with their warmth and innocence. We’re counting the days until we can return.”

The Vibe 3on3® is a two day Aboriginal youth weekend festival that incorporates basketball, dancing, art, culture and health. We aim to promote healthy lifestyles, strengthen communities and boost self-esteem. The Vibe 3on3™ is also an excellent opportunity for health services and related organisations to introduce themselves to the wider community. For more information, go to

The Vibe 3on3® would not be possible without our sponsors Rio Tinto Aboriginal Foundation, the Department of Health and Ageing through the Office of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, the Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts and the Alcohol Rehabilitation and Education Foundation.

Local sponsors who helped make the Yirrkala 3on3 possible included Alcan, Landcare, IGA, Yirrkala Dhanbul Community Assoc, Northforce and Anglicare.


  • Boys 10 and Under
    G Boys
    Austin Mununggurr
    Wayne Munungurr
    Jesiah Marika
    Presenter: Wendy Smith
    Organisation: Anglicare
  • Boys 12 and Under
    Street Warriors
    Wayne Munuggurr
    Vernon Munugurr
    Chris Offa
    Jackson Dulvarrie
    Presenter: Djapirri Mununggirrits
    Organisation: Gumatj Clan – Yirrkala Women’s Resource Centre
  • Boys 18 and Under
    NBA Boys
    Gerard Dhama
    Buwata Mununggurr
    Sibastion Wungmurra
    Presenter: Angela Colbey
    Organisation: Dept of Health (NT)
  • Boys Open
    Oscar Marawili
    Michael Ngurruwuthun
    Boogy Ngurruwuthun
    Daniel Munundurr
    Presenter: Abie Wright
    Organisation: Vibe Australia
  • Girls 12 and Under
    B Star Girls
    Delma Guyula
    Tanisha Ganuambarr
    Simone Garawirrtja
    Presenter: Sharon Munungurr
    Organisation: Yirrkala Dhanbul
  • Girls Open
    B Star Girls
    Priscilla Wanjambi
    Sascha Mununggurr
    Kristy Wunungmurra
    Presenter: Norman Daymaringgu
    Organisation: Northforce
  • Team Card
    GS Girls
    Delmar Guyula
    Tanisha Ganambarr
    Simone Garwirrtja
    Presenter: Wok Wright
    Organisation: Vibe Australia
  • Boys Break
    1st Nathan Bilnu
    2nd Vernon Mununggurr
    3rd Brendon Wanabi
    Presenter: Isaac Parsons
  • Girls Break
    1st Shari Gumbula
    2nd Charmaine Munyrryun
    3rd Magnolia Maymuru
    Presenter: Rachael Pavlakis
    Organisation: Vibe Australia
  • Puggy Hunter
    Magnolia Maymuru
    Presenter: Claude Williams
    Organisation: Vibe Australia

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