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Youth Issues

Story: Youth Issues

A young person has a lot of big decisions to make, decisions that can make a difference to the rest of their life.

These decisions include things like getting a job, staying on at school, sorting through career choices, and maintaining one’s health. To make it even harder, there is so much information around that making the right decisions can sometimes be more difficult than it should be.

As if being a young person isn’t hard enough as it is! That’s where people like Tim Brown can help out.

Tim is a Training and Youth Officer with the Department of Education Training and Youth Affairs (DETYA) in Broome. He understands the issues that face young people and how difficult it can actually be to get started in life.

In his role Tim liaises with schools and community groups to promote DETYA projects like New Apprenticeships, voluntary youth programs such as Green Corp, tutorial assistance at school and the Job Placement Program.

Tim believes in the importance of education and is quite passionate about his work. He says that his position was something he just “fell into”. He completed his traineeship in the public service seven years ago and had been working for some time in the Indigenous Education Unit. He started in a temporary position as a Training and Youth Officer, and eventually led to a permanent position.

Tim highly recommends the public service as a career choice for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. “Not only does it provide great opportunities for travel but I also get to meet new people in all different fields of work,” says Tim.

DETYA has a great website, where you can find all the latest information on things like housing, lifestyle, money, careers, education and youth services.

If you would like more information about various DETYA programs call your local DETYA office and ask to speak to a Training and Youth Officer. They will be more than happy to help you with some of the difficulties you may be experiencing and put you in the right direction.

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