Mental Muscle (Fitness)

Getting in shape takes dedication and commitment ” but the results are worth it.

Being a contestant on The Biggest Loser is no easy feat. You need to be mentally strong to keep going and to tackle the many gruelling challenges presented to you.

When it comes to your own fitness regime, being mentally strong is just as important as being physically strong, and one way to do this is to ensure you have the support of family and friends.

“My family and friends keep me going,” Pati says. “They believed in me and they believed in what I was doing. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Pati found her biggest inspiration in her sister, who is five years her senior and the mother of five of Pati’s beloved nephews and nieces.

“My sister took care of everything for me while I was away,” Pati says. “I want to be able to give the best of me to her and her family, and when I was overweight, I wasn’t being a good role model to the kids. I love them to bits, so I want to be able to lead by example and show them how important it is to be fit and healthy.”

Looking after your body through diet and exercise can also do wonders for your self-esteem, something that Pati has had problems with in the past.

“I always had a poor body image ” I’ve been overweight for most of my life,” she admits. “But through exercise and weight loss I feel stronger. I feel more confident and I feel so good about what I have accomplished.

“And I’ve found that once you start feeling better about yourself, your relationships get better too.”

During her time on the program, Pati discovered strengths and abilities that she never thought she had.

“I always underestimated myself,” she says. “Now I believe I can do anything.”


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