Heading Out Bush

It’s a great time of year to go bush! So why not pack yourself a bag and go out on a bushwalk or camp out under the stars. But when you’re heading out bush, it is important to be well organised to avoid getting sick or hurt.

Plan your trip within your physical abilities and level of experience. If you are a bit of a novice when it comes to bushwalking, it is wise to go with an experienced adult bushwalker. Never go out on your own and be sure to let someone know where you are going and when you plan to return. Take a compass and a map, and make sure you know how to use them. Wear clothing and footwear suitable to the climate and the walk. Make sure you have packed appropriate clothing and be prepared for any sudden changes in the weather. If you are taking food, keep all perishable foods, such as meat or milk, in a container full of ice or in an esky. Cover food so that flies can’t contaminate it and take plenty of fresh water. It is also a good idea to take a first-aid kit, sunscreen, and repellent or citronella candles to ward off mosquitoes. If you plan on building a campfire, check out the area’s fire restrictions and keep the fire well clear of your camp.

If by chance you become lost, stay in the one spot, conserve your energy and make your location as visible as possible.

Camping and bushwalking are loads of fun – there is nothing quite like it. You may also like to learn about and collect some bush tucker. So be well prepared and enjoy!

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