If In Doubt, Just Chill Out

The end of the year can send people into a spin! There always seems so much to do around the end of the year, including Christmas celebrations, school holidays and the New Year. It is the holiday season, a time when we get together with family and friends to enjoy each other’s company and have fun. This usually makes it a very busy time of the year, and when we are busy we sometimes do things, or don’t do things, that we normally would, making the likelihood of some kind of accident much higher.
It is the time of year when the road toll climbs. Drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike should all be conscious that this is an extremely busy time of the year on the roads, and travel accordingly. Road accidents can mostly be avoided by following a few basic road rules. Make a habit of wearing a seatbelt, adhering to speed limits, and turning off mobile phones while driving. Leave the car at home if you’re going to a Christmas party, and be wary of other drivers on the road. Remember to take a break every two hours on extended journeys. Travel safely and cautiously this Christmas!
With school holidays underway, children are more likely to spend time at the beach, at the local swimming hole or in a pool. It is essential to supervise them when they are in or around water.

If a child is in a backyard pool, make sure it is fenced and the gate is shut at all times. Paddle pools should be emptied when not in use. Find a child-safe area at the river, creek or dam where children can swim while they are being supervised. And no one, including adults, should ever swim alone. Also, when at the beach or at the pool, remember to listen to lifeguards and follow their safety guidelines.
Most importantly, this is one time of the year when you should be able to let your hair down and really enjoy the holiday season. Have a safe Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

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