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Cameron Goold

Cameron Goold is that spunk from Propaganda Klann. Last year saw him touring around Australia with Christine Anu as her musical director and drummer. The tour took him to Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Cairns and Alice Springs, as well as the Australian Film Institute Awards, where the diva appeared on a floating stage to sing “Mother’s Child”.

Most recently, this Wiradjuri man has been helping Indigenous communities get up to speed on new technologies like the internet and multimedia. “I’ve worked with 34 communities around Australia such as the Papunya clan in the Northern Territory and Yarrabar clan,” he says. “I’m happy to say they are progressing into the net further and further.”

Right now, Cam is busy putting the finishing touches to Propaganda Klann’s debut album, something which he admits has been a logistical nightmare. “But it’s coming together,” he laughs. “I’ve got a studio in my house in Melbourne, so I can work from home.”

The debut album is called Been A While Since I’ve Played Drums and should be out early next year. And it’ll be packed full of that signature P-Klann sound, which is best described as a techno collision of hip-hop and drum ‘n’ bass, with a myriad of Aboriginal and Maori influences.

Their latest single, “1211” (as in 10..9..8..), is typical P-Klann. Cam describes it as “trippy hip-hop meets metal drum ‘n’ bass. Basically it’s a superbowl of noise!”

Cam has been playing drums since he was two years old. Thirty years down the track, he’s more passionate about music than ever. “I want the whole world to have a P-Klann experience!” he grins.

“I hope to see Aboriginal music find its true place within music as a genre and to further develop my own label so that I can encourage new acts from urban and rural areas.”

So what inspires Cam to make music? “Myself, living, waking up to blue skies and being a fair-coloured black in society.”

On with the noise, Cam. We want more!

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