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All I want for Christmas – Nathan Ramsey

This story originally appeared in Deadly Vibe Magazine Issue #10/11 October, 1997

We have just opened The Vault – all the back stories from old editions – dating back to the 1990s. To know where we are going, it's important to understand where we have been. And that story you can follow in the Deadly Vibe Vault!

You may well think that the hunky and spunky Nathan Ramsey would be hard pressed to put together a Christmas list as he, too many may have it all. That is a great job, great looks and a wardrobe to boot but alas the bard of ICAM does have a few (hundred) items that might just make life a little more complete.

“Of course I could do with a new car, a huge clothing voucher at my favourite store, a surround sound stereo and an overseas trip,” Nathan laughs (shoot high bros).

“But a role in a feature film would be a fantastic start.”

Nathan takes his career very seriously and most of his wishes under this year’s Christmas tree focus on self-improvement.

Nathan is always thinking which path should be followed. As is the case with many young talented people it is very, very hard to decide.

Should it be a focus on serious journalism, television presentation or career on stage and screen?

“My career has taken a few different roads since I began with ICAM,” he explains.

But ahead for Nathan there seems to be a freeway under construction, not just a couple of winding roads to drive.

You see, as well as being the face of ICAM there are many other aspects to Mr Nathan Ramsey.

In fact he is a very talented athlete with more than 100 gold medals stored in his parents Canberra cupboards. He was (and I’m sure he still is) very fast over the 400 meters. And Nathan still holds a number of records in Alice Springs and Darwin from 10 years ago.

And a New Year’s resolution for Nathan?

Nathan says it’s time to set real goals and decide on how to reach them.

“First of all I want to look at getting a home base,” he says.

“I want to train more and become fitter and I want to perfect the art of presenting on television.”

Nathan explains that working on a national Indigenous television program has opened his eyes to much that is currently going on in Aboriginal politics.

“I would like to become involved more in Aboriginal affairs next year.”

“I have always thought that I wasn’t that political but next year I would definitely like to become more involved in Aboriginal affairs.”

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