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This story originally appeared in Deadly Vibe Magazine Issue #10/11 October, 1997

We have just opened The Vault – all the back stories from old editions – dating back to the 1990s. To know where we are going, it's important to understand where we have been. And that story you can follow in the Deadly Vibe Vault!

It was a bumper year for Aboriginal music in 1997 and what better way to end off the year than with a double issue… a deadly bumper issue.

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It is so fantastic to see someone grow and develop and that is just the position we at Deadly Vibe enjoy with our cover boy this month, Nathan Ramsey.

We first met Nathan Ramsey when he turned up to host the Second Annual Deadly Sounds Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Awards. He had just started with SBS’s ICAM program and was fairly nervous but from the very beginning he was totally professional.

Nathan double checked everything leaving nothing to chance. Since then we really have enjoyed watching him master the art of television presentation with this year hosting ICAM on his own. He is a great professional to have on your side and those great looks help as well.

Speaking of being on your side – The Wrong Side of the road, Mr Bart Willoughby has released a new album, Pathways – through our very own CAAMA music. Get it, Get it, Get it!!! He is our original rock star and it has been far too long between drinks with Bart’s music.

And speaking of beauty – Christine Anu has released a track on the new Something for Everybody album by Bazmark.

We talk to Christine about what has been happening and how it was making that beautiful video clip.

The inspirational Jimmy Chi wins our top arts award, The Red Ochre Award, and how well deserved was that. Congratulations to Jimmy and to all those who made that award possible.

In sports we look at the National Aboriginal Sports Awards and one deadly sportsman in particular Baeden Choppy.

From everyone at Deadly Vibe, have a wonderful Christmas, look after yourselves and spend a bit of time listening to Australian Black music. Actually what better gift could you give?

See you in 98.

Gavin Jones

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The Editor

Deadly Vibe P.O. Box 528

Strawberry Hills, NSW 2012


Dear Gavin,

Hello! We have a Bracs unit here which is currently being renovated and we receive 4KIG signals on our airwaves. Our population is around about 2,000 and growing. We also have a local band here who will be touring with Midnight Oil next month; you may want to get a profile on them. We have a weekly newsletter and we may need to use some of the information from your magazine for our paper.

I hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

Yours in the struggle,

Janelle Evans

Woorabinda Aboriginal Council.

Dear Janelle,

Yeah, anything you have on young Aboriginal bands we will be happy to follow up on and promote. If you need anything from us just call and if you got 4KIG tune into Deadly Sounds on Saturday at 7pm.

Catch Ya!

Gavin Jones


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