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The National Deadly Sounds Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Music Awards

This story originally appeared in Deadly Vibe Magazine Issue #7 August, 1997

We have just opened The Vault – all the back stories from old editions – dating back to the 1990s. To know where we are going, it's important to understand where we have been. And that story you can follow in the Deadly Vibe Vault!

It’s that time of year again. Forget the ARIA’s it’s the ‘Deadlys’. And that means it’s your turn to vote for your favourite Indigenous music artists. September 23 is the ‘Deadlys’ night. A night when we recognise our own music artists and diverse talents.

Deadly Vibe readers have the chance to vote for the awards in all categories. Everyone who enters has the chance to pick up some great Deadly Vibe prizes. One entrant will win our grand prize of:

12 months subscription to Deadly Vibe mailed to your home

A Deadly Vibe T-Shirt

A Deadly Vibe Cap

Birrkuta (wild honey) – Yothu Yindi

5 x 12 inch long play Hip Hop Records

And much more

How do I vote and enter?

Listed below are the nominations suggested by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander broadcasters for various categories. We want you, our readers, to cut out this section (you can tear it out if you want!) put ticks next to your chosen artist in each category. Then mail it back to us here at Deadly Vibe.

Our address is PO Box 528 Strawberry Hills NSW 2012

If you don’t want to fork out for the stamp, you can call our toll-free number, 1-800-623-430 and leave your answers in person. Don’t forget to leave your name and address!

You can also vote for artists not listed here by putting their names in the space provided.

Now for the 1997 Deadlys nominations:

1. Most Promising New Talent

Kerrianne Cox


Aim 4 More

Debbie Morrow

Urshula Yovich

Letterstick Band

My Boys Are Good Boys

Other . . .

2. Excellence in Film or Theatrical Score

David Page / FISH

John Harding / Up the Road

Ken McKenzie and Noleen Lester / Broken Hill and Other Stories

Other . . .

3. Single Release of the Year

Ladies in My Life / Troy Cassar-Daley

Superhighway / Yothu Yindi

Ignorance is Bliss / Tiddas

Hold On Tight / Archie Roach

Other . . .

4. Female Artist of the Year

Christine Anu

Leah Purcell

Maroochy Barambah

Ruby Hunter

Jodie Cockatoo-Creed

Noeleen Lester

Other . . .

5. Male Artist of the Year

Archie Roach

Kev Carmody

Troy Cassar-Daley

Frank Yamma

Col Hardy

John Albert

Ken McKenzie

Other . . .

6. Album Release of the Year

Birrkuta (Wild Honey) / Yothu Yindi

True Believer / Troy Cassar-Daley

Looking For Butter Boy / Archie Roach

Meinmuk / Various Artists

Living in Jagura Country / Various Artists

Songlines / Various Artists

Other . . .

7. Band of the Year



Yothu Yindi

Warumpi Band

Other . . .

Your Name





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