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120 Scholarships for Indigenous Sporting Talents

This story originally appeared in Deadly Vibe Magazine Issue #3 April, 1997

We have just opened The Vault – all the back stories from old editions – dating back to the 1990s. To know where we are going, it's important to understand where we have been. And that story you can follow in the Deadly Vibe Vault!

There were loads of extra smiling faces across Australia last month when 120 Indigenous Sports Scholarships (ISS) were awarded. These scholarships are to assist in the training and development of talented Indigenous athletes, coaches, trainers and officials and were launched at Parliament House in Canberra.

Each Scholarship is worth up to $2000 and will be used for training, travel, coaching, sports, medicine, sports science services and equipment.

The Federal Minister for Sport, Territories and Local Government and Minister Assisting the prime Minister for the Sydney 2000 Games, Mr Warwick Smith said “these scholarships will not only provide opportunities for Indigenous athletes and officials but will significantly benefit Australia sport in general.”

Each scholarship is for a 12 month period. There will be an intake of another 30 scholarships before July 1997 and the programme will continue to run through to the year 2000.

Under the ISS scheme, all scholarship holders will be linked with and Indigenous “mentor”, who will assist them develop their careers in a chosen sport.

A large number of applications were received from throughout Australia. This interest and the standard of applicants made the selection process very difficult. Deadly Vibe would like to congratulate the following athletes and coaches on their selection.

Andrew Ferguson (Surfing), Eric Mercy (Surfing), Adam Austen (basketball), Cain George (Basketball) ACT, Gawan Brookman (Athletics) ACT , Jarin Baigent (Tennis) ACT, Donna Sutton (Rhythmic Gymnastics) ACT, Antony

Bell (Softball) ACT, Tom Gowans (Futsal, Indoor Soccer) NSW, Belynda Sinclair (Rowing) NSW, Scott Gardiner (Golf) NSW, Shane Boney (Athletics/Javelin) NSW, Mikhala Saunders (Triple Jump) NSW, Florence Daley

(Athletics) NSW, Gavin Dickenson (Surfing) NSW, Scott Rotumah (Surfing) NSW, Nathan Levy (High Jump) NSW, Richard Hoskins (Soccer) NSW, Lachlan Wright (Soccer), NSW, Elaine Livermore (Athletics, Softball,

Basketball) NSW, Catherine Pross (Ten Pin Bowling) NSW, Ian Dennis (Boxing) NSW, Russell Larder (Boxing) NSW, Timothy  Newton (Indoor Soccer) NSW, Matthew Parsons (Indoor Soccer) NSW, Lisa Roberts (Athletics)

NSW, Debbie Roberts (Athletics) NSW, Paul Evans (Surfing) NSW, Shaun Danial Hagen (Taekwondo) NSW, Sean Kay (Surfing) NSW, Michael Dunn (Touch/Rugby League) NSW, Jermaine Packer (Athletics) NSW, Gary Trindall

(Boxing) NSW, Frank Wright (Boxing) NSW, Daniel Lang (Boxing) NSW, Therese Ann Frawley (Karate) NSW, Ronald Bethel (Baseball) NT, Sharon Burns (Martial Arts, Karate, Judo) NT, Shaun Bethal (Baseball) NT, Richard

Cole (Australia Rules) NT, Emma Lake (Swimming) NT, Joel Hegarty (Tennis) NT, Tahnee Dindo (Netball) NT, Tammy Albala (Basketball) NT, Stacey Hooley (Basketball) NT, Rheannon Vea Vea (Tennis) NT, Kale Bell

(Softball) NT, Robert Wright (Soccer) NT, Susan Murdoch (Soccer Indoor/Outdoor) NT, Kia Dowell (Basketball) NT, Stacey Hooley (Basketball) QLD, Wagui Anau (Athletics) QLD, Dorothy Rauben (Volleyball) QLD, Ian

Friday (Basketball) QLD, Megan Michael (Basketball) QLD, Margie Mills (Surfing) QLD, Michael Vili (Touch), Laurie Minniscon (Basketball) QLD, Roley Cameron (Basketball) QLD, Naomi Lynch (Hockey) QLD, Suzanna Pedro

(Basketball) QLD, Nigel Logan (Basketball) QLD, Laurence West (Rugby League) QLD, Ashley Anderson (Swimming) QLD, Clifton Rankine (Softball) QLD, Wariba Seriat (Basketball) QLD, Joe Kennedy (Athletics) QLD, John

Whap (Basketball) QLD, Fiona Jean Morseu (Athletics) QLD, Jimmy Gela (Basketball) QLD, Craig Terra Sedan (Volleyball) QLD, Damien Bin Awel (Basketball) QLD, Ted Toban (Basketball) QLD, Darren Pyke (Softball) QLD,

Grace Millar (Netball) SA, Harriette Coleman (Netball) SA, Raelene Peel (Netball) SA, Debbie Miller (Netball) SA, Norman Pickett (Football) SA, David Dudley (Football) SA, Rosemary Bilney (Netball,Football, Basketball)

SA, Dean Lettice (Football/Touch) SA, Philip Marshall (Hockey) TAS, Daniel James House (Cycling) TAS, Adam Marshall (Hockey) TAS, Jason Delphin (Athletics) TAS, Rachel Delphin (Athletics) TAS, Troy Steven Reid

(Indoor Cricket, Basketball) TAS, Jennifer Leach (Basketball) TAS, Robert Bons (Track & field/Boxing) TAS, Baden Bone (Boxing) TAS, Anthony Bone (Boxing) TAS, Ben Duncan (Basketball) TAS, Shauna Turnball-Burgoyne

(Athletics) VIC, Barry Firebrace (Cricket) VIC, Judy Cue (Athletics) VIC, Cheyne Felix (Athletics) WA, Jacko Whitby (Athletics) WA, Alby Bonney (Australian Rules) WA, Kevin Charles (Baseball, Football) WA, and Earl

Bobongie (Basketball) WA.

Deadly Vibe will catch up with some of these scholarship holders in a later edition. Why not keep in touch with Deadly Vibe on your progress.

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