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Imagine all the people…

R’n’B soul duo Kristal West and Zaachariah Fielding from South Australia have been sending shivers down the spines of viewers of The Voice over the past weeks.

Earlier in the week they were given the song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon to perform by their mentor, which Kristal decided to dedicate to her grandfather, Eddie Koiki Mabo.

“My grandfather has done a lot for this country. He enabled Indigenous people to be able to claim their land as traditional owners,” Kristal told

“That’s why this song is very important because it’s the history of this country and then the future – all of us walking together as one.”

Breaking down during rehearsals, Zaachariah rushed to her side.

“It’s just my granddad you know… no-on one believed in him. He said ‘you might think that I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. All my people are behind me, you know’,” Kristal told the room.

Before their live performance Zaachariah and Kristal performed a Welcome To Country, paying their respects to the Gadigal people. Their performance included a didgeridoo and dancers from Bangarra Dance Theatre.

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Their proud family were there to support them and the crowd erupted in whistles and applause once they had finished singing.

“Your family, and all the people supporting you, should be proud of what you guys did tonight. Not just because it sounded beautiful and amazing, but acknowledging all the things that your grandfather fought for,” told Zaachariah and Kristal.

“Like who would have thought that years after he fought for all the right things for Aboriginal culture that his beautiful granddaughter would get up and acknowledge all of his hard fight and all the things he accomplished in bringing Australia closer together. That was awesome!”

Kristal and Zaach, better known as their stage name ‘ZK’, captivated the judges of the popular reality series after they sung their own version of ‘As Long As You Love Me’ by Justin Bieber. They have since survived several eliminations and are going as strong as ever.

Both Zaach and Kristal grew up in remote communities and have struggled to have their voices heard. They first met in Adelaide where Zaach was a performer in an Indigenous soul band.

Earlier in the series we saw them take a trip to Los Angeles where they, along with the other contestants mentored by, got the opportunity to perform in his home studio.

More performances from ZK:

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