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Deadly Sounds Episode 1018 – Yung Warriors

Known by many as “Australia’s Indigenous Hip Hop Ambassadors”, the Yung Warriors are a voice for numerous young Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders, reiterating this through their music consisting of messages of unity, staying strong and making family a priority.

Originating from Melbourne and consisting of Tjimba Possum Burns and Danny Ramzan, Yung Warriors have won a Deadly Award, VIPA Award and many more. They have supported renowned rapper 50 Cent, toured nationally and received national airplay.

Yung Warriors

Tjimba, the son of Selwyn Burns from Coloured Stone, talks to Deadly Sounds about what they’ve been up to lately. He says that although much has changed in terms of music since their first album and they’re also experimenting with their sound – authenticity is key.

“With the new stuff, I want to sort of bring out a rocky sort of sound and sort of bring back the old hip hop a bit and mix it up with a bit of the rock,” he says.

“I thought ‘why not?’, why not do something different and do everything with the instruments as well as the beat because, yeah I been messing around with a lot of instruments lately and it’s getting me on the broader horizon of just experimenting, basically.

“Me and D (Danny) have always kept things authentic too. We always have the original acoustic sound or the original guitar sound and mix it up a bit with what we’re doing with beats.”

Coming off a high from the tours they did last year, they now have their minds set for making Yung Warriors even bigger and better this year.

“I’ve been enjoying big gigs for a long time but just having a tour involving triple j and everybody backing you up, and all the radios around the nation backing you up, really feels good and so does meeting different people around Australia. I can’t wait to do another tour,” he explains.

“That’s basically what I’m doing; just keep doing music. Me and D are producing a lot now so I just want to bring a lot of talent up as well and that’s looking around the whole nation as well. That’s basically what’s happening and a new album pretty soon.”

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