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Deadly Sounds Episode 1017 – Sidney Saltner

Can a young man from the tiny town of Theodore, Queensland go on to perform at the Olympic Games, work with the Australian Ballet and tour the world? This, and so much more, became a reality for Sidney Saltner during his long career as a dancer.

“Growing up in Theodore, there was nothing but ABC on a Sunday afternoon and they’d show the ballet and I was thinking, that’s what I want to do with my life, I want to join the ballet,” says Sidney.

Sidney graduated from the National Aboriginal Islander Skills Development Association College in 1991 and joined Bangarra Dance Theatre in 1997 and it is here his dream materialised.

“Eventually when I joined Bangarra, they said ”Oh look, we’re doing a collaboration with the Australian Ballet at the end of the year” and I just went “Oh my God, it’s here, I’ve finally got on the stage with the Australian Ballet!” he relates.

Many performances with Bangarra followed and a memorable tour to the United States just one week after the World Trade Centre was brought down in 2001.

Today, Sidney is the Youth Program Director of Bangarra’s Rekindling program, touring country towns in New South Wales and Queensland.

Registration for the 2014 Rekindling program in these states is now open online. To register, go CLICK HERE.

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