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Stanthorpe and Warwick move it

Move it Mob Style® dancers Medika Thorpe and Darren Compton spent the weekend in Queensland recently teaching young students their deadly dance moves.

Stanthorpe State Primary Schools and Warwick Central School hosted two family fun days featuring many activities for the communities including rock climbing, bungee jumping, basket weaving, face painting and handmade crafts.

“The relationship between Mission Australia and the Communities of both Warwick and Stanthorpe was a true indication that they know how to bring the community together,” Medika says.

“Both Darren and I were very excited to be a part of their day and the kids thoroughly enjoyed the Move It Mob Style® workshops.”

Medika and Darren hosted dance workshops for substantial crowds of school children, some of whom were avid watchers of the show and most of them happily joined in.

“They were a little shy at first but by the end of the day the kids were up dancing and showing their parents the routines they had just learnt,” she says.

“We also had a lot of fun with the break off session where the kids showed off their freestyle moves.”

All involved had a great time and, at the end of the day, the children gave Medika and Darren some gifts.

“The highlight of the day for me was that the kids were really engaging and they had given us farewell gifts in Stanthorpe; some beautiful artwork they did during the day,” Medika says.

“But overall the kids and the community from both towns were very inviting and friendly. We had an awesome time and they already want us to come back.”

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