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Ngunytju Tjitji Pirni (NTP) – Caring for Women and Children, is an Aboriginal Medical Service (AMS) with the aim of providing a ‘safe track to good health’ for Aboriginal women and their children.

Located in Kalgoorlie, NTP is an incorporated Aboriginal and Infant Health Service which has been developed to address the high rates of premature death, and illness in Aboriginal women and children in WA.

They do this by providing a community owned facility staffed by Aboriginal Health Workers using culturally appropriate methods and resources delivered to Aboriginal women and children in their home environment.

NPT focuses on the achievement of attainable goals and objectives including:

• To provide culturally appropriate facilities for Aboriginal women and their children to access programs and services.
• To ensure their programs and services meet the needs of Aboriginal women and their children.
• To provide a positive, healthy and happy workplace for staff, directors and volunteers.
• To ensure NTP remains strong as an organisation and continually improves its operations.

NTP also provides a wide range of services including regular visits by a health worker to the home of pregnant Aboriginal women to check blood pressure, blood sugar, a urine test, weight, and a haemoglobin test. This is done to ensure the birth of a healthy baby.

After the birth of the child, the health worker will visit the mother and baby to check the baby’s weight, growth, development, ears and skin, general health, and to provide immunisations.

The health worker also provides education on women’s health issues and answers any questions the client or family may have.

NTP is striving to do their part in closing the gap in Indigenous health by improving the health of the babies so they may expect longer, healthier lives.

To learn more about NTP and the services they offer visit their website.

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