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Dubmarine’s Deadly dream

DubmarineThis Week on Deadly Sounds

Hailing from Brisbane, Dubmarine combine reggae, dancehall, electronic and acoustic musical styles to create a cool, hip sound. The band recently released a brand new album and have this year been nominated as a Deadly Award finalist in the Band of the Year category.

Deadly Sounds host Rhoda Roberts this week chatted to front man Terry ‘D-Kazman’ Cassels about the unique sound of the nine-piece talent and some of their recent highlights as a band.

Their new album, Depth of Sound features an interesting song called ‘Point the Bone’, which has been influenced by traditional Aboriginal culture.

“I sort of wanted to write something that was about the spirit of Indigenous culture and magic and also how the people have come out and taken over the land without thinking about the repercussions,” Terry says.

“I guess this song is a reaction to that, but it’s also good fun as well.”

The band has played many international festivals of late and has named South Africa as one of their favourites.

“We did a South African jazz festival and it was really awesome actually. Just going over there and getting the vibe of South Africa of course, but also jamming with some of the wicked jazz musicians of the world,” Terry says.

During the shows, the band aims to use their music to help people relax and let go of the stresses of life through dance.

“A lot of people want to dance, music is the way of exercising their own demons no matter how large or small they are,” Terry says.

“It’s a way of freeing themselves and I guess we really promote that, we want people to free themselves up and come on the dance floor to let go of inhibitions and heartaches, those sort of things.”

“Even before the show it’s good to communicate with the fans and the friends that come along and support and dance,” he says.Before the shows Terry likes to ensure there is a good energy between the band, himself and the fans to create a unity.

“I think the idea is to create something that is infectious, you know. I’ve always believed that dance, music, art, all of these things are all of the same frequency. They’re all of the same idea, there’s just different ways of expressing it.”

Dubmarine have played throughout Australia and New Zealand and, in mid 2010, they embarked on their debut tour of Europe taking to the international stage in festival slots in The Netherlands, Belgium and The Czech Republic.

Their debut offering ‘Dub From the Deep’, with Brisbane Dub technician Drew-ID, was released in September 2007 and received regular airplay.


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