Links to health information

Here you can find links to a whole bunch of other information resources, to help you eat better and exercise more. You’ll also find links to information about chronic disease, and where to get help.


Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet
Everything you need to know about Indigenous Health in one place.

Healthy Vibe
Here you’ll find all kinds of information on Indigenous health issues, from diet and exercise to substance abuse, social and emotional well-being and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people achieving in the health arena. You can also search for an Aboriginal Medical Service in your local area.

Healthy Active
This site has information on the Australian Government’s Healthy Active activities including the Healthy Active Ambassadors, healthy weight, the Community and School Grants Program and the Get Moving and Go for 2&5® campaigns.

Healthy Weight
This site was developed by the Australian Government to provide information on healthy weight, healthy eating and physical activity.

Healthy Kids
A NSW Government site focused on promoting good food habits and daily physical activity for children.

Live Life Well
A NSW Government website focused on promoting healthy living, including good eating habits and daily physical activity for adults.

Eat Well Be Active
This is a Queensland Government website that promotes healthy eating and physical activity. It includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources.

Lighten Up
This is a Queensland Government healthy lifestyle group program for adults who want to improve their health. It helps people to eat well and be active, manage stress and make long-term lifestyle changes.

Go for your life
This is a Victorian Government program that promotes healthy eating and physical activity.


Dietitians Association of Australia
This website is for people who work as dietitians, but it also has some great information for the general public including an A to Z of nutrition, recipe ideas and tips on better eating.

Food for Kids
This site offers some easy-to-follow information about food for kids. Find out if their favourite snack is full of sugar or bursting with nutrition!

Go for 2&5®
Here you can find out about the benefits of fruit and veggies and ways to get more fruit and veggies into your daily diet. You’ll also find some super simple tasty recipes and other info.

Go Grains
We could all use more grain-based foods in our diet. This site contains tips on how to get more grains in your diet, plus diet plans, and education resources.

Nutrition Australia
This site offers some in-depth information on nutrition, including dietary needs of babies, kids and teenagers.

Tucka Talk
This ACT Government’s health promotion web site has fact sheets for parents on healthy eating for young children, as well as healthy eating in schools.

Eat well Tasmania
This is a Tasmanian Government program that provides help and support for activities or projects that promote enjoyable healthy eating.


10,000 steps
This web site is all about encouraging you to build up to 10,000 steps a day – the recommended daily step goal for a healthy adult.

Choose Health, Be Active
This is a booklet for older fellas that you can download. It offers lots of advice on ways that older people can get exercise into their day.

Get Moving
This web site provides lots of good ideas for fun ways to get you and your kids moving.

Heart Foundation Walking Groups
This site covers Australia’s largest network of free community-based walking groups.

Be Active
This is a South Australian Government program that focuses on getting people to be more physically active. The site provides tips for adults, children, mature age people, and people with disabilities.

Get moving Tasmania
This is a web site set up by the Tasmanian Premier’s Physical Activity Council which provides a variety of physical activity information.

Find 30
A campaign that’s all about increasing awareness of physical activity and how you can become more physically active in your daily life.


Cancer Council Australia
This website has information on different types of cancers, treatment options, the latest research and tips on living a cancer-smart lifestyle.

Cancer Council Victoria Obesity Prevention Campaign
This site has a special section on its web site that’s all about obesity prevention. Read about why a healthy weight is important, learn the lifestyle risk factors for cancer and find out if you are at a healthy weight.

Cancer Prevention Plan
The Cancer Institute has developed this cancer prevention plan booklet that you can download. It also includes information on healthy diet and exercise.

Diabetes Action
This site is part of a campaign run by Diabetes Australia which aims to raise awareness of how a large waist measurement is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes. It also includes a type 2 diabetes risk test.

Diabetes Australia
This site has loads of really good information on diabetes, including special Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources.

Heart Foundation Australia
This site has a section that’s all about healthy living, offering information on healthy weight, food, and physical activity.

Kidney Health Australia
This site has lots of information on what your kidneys do and how to keep them healthy, as well as research and advice on chronic kidney disease.

National Stroke Foundation
This site has information on strokes, stroke risk factors and how to prevent them.

Osteoporosis Australia
This site has information, advice and education on osteoporosis (brittle bones), how to prevent it and how to treat it.

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