Do You Measure Up?

You might have seen ads on the television or in a newspaper or magazine about the national Measure Up campaign.

This is a national campaign launched by the Federal Government to tackle the obesity problem.

Australia is now one of the fattest nations in the world – one in two Australian adults is overweight.

Measure Up encourages Australians to measure their waists. Measuring your waist is a simple way to tell if you’re at risk of developing a serious disease.

For most Australians, a waist measurement of over 94 centimetres for men and 80 centimetres for women means you are at increased risk of developing a serious disease such as diabetes or heart disease.

If your waist measurement is over 102 centimetres for men and 88 centimetres for women, your risk is even more increased.

This is not about how much you weigh or how tall or short you are. If your waistline is getting bigger it could mean you are at increased risk of chronic diseases like some cancers, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Next time you visit your GP or Aboriginal Medical Service, why don’t you ask your doctor if you Measure Up?

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