Obesity is another name for being very overweight.

Causes of obesity may include:

* Overeating;
* eating too much fatty or sugary food;
* drinking too much grog; and
* not doing enough exercise.

Being obese can cause:

* heart attacks;
* your cardiovascular system to become overworked;
* your physical and mental health to be affected;
* shortness of breath (feeling short winded);
* high blood pressure;
* diabetes; and
* bad back pain and joint pain.

Eating too much and exercising too little are the main causes of obesity.

Changes you can make to help you lose weight include:

* exercising daily (a 20-minute walk is a good start);
* trying not to cook fish, meat, chicken or vegetables in dripping or oil;
* eating less sugar, sweet foods like honey, syrup, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, soft drinks, lollies, chocolates and milk shakes;
* eating more vegetables, fruits, cereals and bread; and
* drinking less alcohol.

For more information contact your local Aboriginal Health Education Officer or a doctor at your local Aboriginal medical service.

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