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The Guilty Party

Pleading Guilty

En route from Moree to Sydney to perform at this year’s Survival concert are Steven Swan, Donna Faulkner, Damien Smith, Shane Roberts and Dean Jenkins, aka The Guilty Party.

This five-piece band, formed back in 1998 when they were all attending Courallie High School in Moree together. Their music has been influenced by bands such as Pearl Jam, No Doubt and Grinspoon and they are sure to set the stage ON FIRE with their debut Survival.

Their music is described as alternate rock. Up front is vocalist Donna Faulkner, who has been singing for many years and has been described as having a voice that sends audiences into another world. Steven Swan is on guitar, and his vast experience coupled with that of Damien Smith on bass adds to the band’s overall sound and performance. Shane Roberts, also on guitar, has a reputation as a soulful guitarist, and his broad range of styles also takes the band to another level. Drummer Dean Jenkins is the driving force behind the band and his infectious beats and groovy rhythms blow your mind.

The Guilty Party performs on the local circuit in and around Moree. There is a possibility of a keyboardist joining the group shortly to add a totally new dimension to the band’s sound.

Deadly Vibe looks forward to seeing and hearing more from The Guilty Party.

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